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RIFT Update 1.11 overhauls classes for Storm Legion


RIFT is gearing up for next month's expansion, and Update 1.11 is the first step into that bold new world of Storm Legion. The update, which landed on servers yesterday, makes major changes to classes and game systems in order to get everything in line with the expansion.

Most classes have received a wide variety of changes to skills and soul trees, necessitating a reset for many builds. There are so many changes, in fact, that Trion Worlds had to list each of the callings' patch notes in separate forum threads. While players can't spend more than 51 points in any soul, they can now see the additional skills that will come with the expansion.

Planar attunement is now shared between characters and has been simplified somewhat. Trion's also loosened restrictions on the wardrobe, allowing players to use clothing from any class for their cosmetic outfits.

A world event called Tempest Rising and the unlocking of the Exodus of the Storm Queen dungeon for expansion pre-orders will be triggered in upcoming weeks.

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