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SOE Live 2012: PlanetSide 2 launching November 20th, 2012

MJ Guthrie

Already alerted to the fact that tonight would be the night, PlanetSide 2 fans have been waiting with bated breath for the official launch date announcement at SOE Live. And now, the magic words have been uttered: PS2 will go live on November 20th, 2012. The beta, which began in July, is held up by devs as a real and honest beta in which systems are tested, rather than a soft launch. But some players wondered whether it'd be finished in time.

During a press conference before the announcement, Creative Director Matt Higby addressed this concern by reminding players that an MMO will never be "finished" as in completed or done. As he put it, the game is "not finished because it's finished; it's finished when it's at a level [SOE] think[s] it should be." He further outlined the state of beta now, saying that the development team has turned the corner, moving from just implementing mechanics that were planned to reacting to beta players' feedback to improve and adjust the game. He emphasized, "Now we know what works better and what doesn't."

Stay tuned as Massively brings you more details about PS2's beta, launch, and upcoming plans.

What happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas, at least where SOE Live is concerned! Massively sent intrepid reporters MJ Guthrie and Karen Bryan to this year's SOE Live, from which they'll be transmitting all the best fan news on PlanetSide 2, EverQuest II, DC Universe Online, and the other MMOs on SOE's world-class roster.

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