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WRUP: You don't like that, that's dumb edition

Eliot Lefebvre

Oh, reading a book? What are you reading? No, you're not reading that. That's dumb. It's a stupid book because I don't like it, and if I don't like it, it's not cool. Since you're also cool, you must not like it. Here, read this instead. It's super awesome and I like it.

What do you mean I gave you the first book and told you it was awesome and you should read it? You're probably just delusional because you were reading something I think is dumb. That must be it.

Look, let's just read WRUP. That's pretty cool if you like seeing what the Massively staff is up to over the weekend and whether or not we like using premade builds in games. Plus, then you can let the staff know what you'll be up to over the weekend in the comments. You can like that. At least until I don't like it any more.

Beau Hindman, F2P and Mobile Columnist
@Beau_Hindman: I'll be playing games for 24 hours on Massively's livestream channel for charity -- you can find info here. After that, when I groggily get out of bed at noon on Sunday, I will be switching to Darkfall to give it a good look before it's wiped out. I want a "before" comparison so I can do an "after" later. I've always liked the game, but it's been forever since I played it.

I do not use builds at all in my gaming. It's similar to using cheat codes in The Sims -- it can be fun, but wears off quickly. I do occasionally look up an explanation on some busted quest or when I become totally stuck, but I never use another player's advice on how to make my character perfect. Perfect to me means flawed.

Bree Royce, Editor-in-Chief
@nbrianna: Might get some Guild Wars 2 time this weekend, but if not, I'll at least snag a few minutes in Glitch. Tiny Speck just added a few new zones, including an underwater area. Must explore!

I always look for builds to adapt to my needs and group and playstyle, and I feel no shame at all. No sense reinventing the wheel, right? When I need a brownie recipe, I don't try to reinvent the basic brownie formula from scratch. Thousands of people have playtested the basic brownie already. I'm going to build on the wisdom of experts -- most likely with caramel. Who's hungry?

David Desi, Multimedia Contributor
@PsykopigAU: I am working hard at getting 100% completion in Guild Wars 2!

I have used other builds in some games but not others. Depends on the game and the types of characters that can be created!

Dylan Tehrani, Multimedia Contributor
@tvGGRAVES: I'll be defending my house for the next two weeks while my wife is visiting family! So that means that this weekend kicks off a huge gaming journey including: GW2 structured PvP, Heroes of Newerth with my friends, late night StarCraft II, and some World of Warcraft leveling on my 82 warlock.

As for builds, I use them more than I would like to. A lot of the games that I play are competitive and to win, builds and specific priorities play a big role. I fault developers for the lack of creativity in that area. That said, I do tend to enjoy more obscure builds that have a niche role, an example being my fury geared staff AoE Elementalist in GW2.

Eliot Lefebvre, Columnist Extraordinaire and Senior Contributing Editor
@Eliot_Lefebvre: Not going to have a whole lot of time to game this weekend, but I do want to spend some time playing Star Wars: The Old Republic and Final Fantasy XIV. I'd also love to get in some offline time, but I'm already stretched a bit thin.

I always look for builds, but I usually do so after I've already plotted a build out for myself. It serves as a good point of comparison and a way for me to tell if my assumptions and guesses are on the money or way off-base. It's rare for me to just copy them outright, although a lot of the time the build I wind up making is pretty close to the recommendations anyway.

Elisabeth Cardy, Guild Wars 2 Columnist and Contributing Editor
@elixabethclaire: Oh golly, what a weekend it will be! I'm one of the folks doing the Extra Life 24 hours of gameplay on Saturday (and a wee bit of Sunday). I'll be spending the majority of my time in Guild Wars 2, six hours of which will be all about Pink Day in LA! If you're on the Sanctum of Rall server, you should definitely come by and say hello -- and maybe win prizes! I'll also be going back into Guild Wars for some good old-fashioned Halloween questing. In addition, I'll probably be playing some other games for breaks -- I'm either thinking some old humble bundle favorites or maybe Torchlight II.

Rather than straight up re-using other people's builds, I tend to look at what other people do to get a feel for what works well, then tweak it a little bit. Not everybody smiles on that, of course -- people doing dungeon runs (or anything ever at all in PvP whatsoever) in Guild Wars tended to frown on anyone using anything that wasn't directly from a short list of proscribed builds -- but when it works, it's generally a good way for me to go.

Jef Reahard, Managing Editor and Columnist Extraordinaire@jefreahard: I'm dabbling in Wing Commander (yay for DosBox) and Dishonored as well as a bit of EverQuest II. I'll be checking out The Secret World's Halloween stuff, too.

I use others' builds if I can't beat PvE content after a couple of tries on my own. And I pretty much use them exclusively for PvP since I lack the time and patience to do extensive testing.

Justin Olivetti, Columnist Extraordinaire and Senior Contributing Editor
@Sypster: The Secret World is getting a fair bit of my attention with its new Cat God story for Halloween -- seeing as how I dislike cats already, having them as the evil antagonists only makes sense. I'm also planning to roll my sleeves up and dive into RIFT's 1.11 content. And I would be severely remiss to ignore the goodness that is Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan, which is proving to be a blast so far.

Mike Foster, Contributing Editor
@MikedotFoster: I'm checking out the Forge beta, plus spending a bit of time in RIFT, EVE Online, and Torchlight II. I've also got a Dishonored achievement run in progress; I'm trying to knock out Ghost, Clean Hands, Shadow and Mostly Flesh and Steel in one playthrough.

I'm a fan of build shopping. It's nice to make your own, but when it comes to true progression it's your responsibility to be as efficient as possible. That being said, it doesn't seem like many games give true flexibility when it comes to builds anymore -- they're mostly just enhancements to abilities everyone already has.

MJ Guthrie, Aion and Sandbox Columnist and Contributing Editor
@MJ_Guthrie: I had few delusions that I would get to log in any game this weekend while at SOE Live! But I do get to talk to Smedley and a bunch of awesome devs, so I will get by. There are also rigs set up to play a number of the games here as well as try out Player Studio, so I will be trying to clock some time in there!

Richie Procopio, Multimedia Contributor
@RichieProcopio: I'm sticking with Guild Wars 2 this weekend. There's a lot I want to accomplish this weekend before Monday's spooky update to the game. I want to get my monthly achievements squared away so I can focus on the new content next week. I'm very excited!

Yes, I do use other people's builds in games. When I was raiding in World of Warcraft, I constantly checked forums and other sites to eke out every last bit of DPS on my death knight. There's no shame in snagging other people's well-thought out research right?

At the start of every weekend, we catch up with the Massively staff members and ask them, "What are you playing this week?" (Otherwise known as: WRUP!) Join us to see what we're up to in and out of game -- and catch us in the comments to let us know what you're playing, too!

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