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Breakfast Topic: Single Player or Multiplayer?


I have been thinking a lot about the way the game has shifted since the launch of Mists. Everyone who knows me is sick to the teeth of hearing me banging on about this, so I'm going to bore you with it instead, wonderful readers of WoW Insider. Back when Wowcrendor interviewed Lead Systems Designer Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street, the big GC said, amongst other things, that WoW was a multiplayer game. The clue's in the description, too, it's a MMORPG. There's neither an offline nor a single-player mode. Depending on your definition of roleplaying, you can do that or not, but the rest isn't so flexible.

Now, I want to establish very firmly before continuing that I really do like Mists as a whole. However, there are several aspects of it which I find intensely frustrating, even annoying. And finally, I've managed to pretty much work out what I think the problem is. Do note, of course, that this is an opinion!

It seems to me that Mists has shifted the focus of WoW more towards single-player content. Leveling via battlegrounds was always rather slow and unreliable as a leveling method, if great fun, but it seems like leveling via dungeons has now become very, very slow in comparison to questing, certainly in the latter half of the 85-90 grind. And the focus on dailies and rep grinding at this part in the expansion, along with the tillers, and the pet battles, all of this seems to be focused on solo content. Yes, there are new raids and new battlegrounds, and new dungeons, and of course challenge modes, but there does seem, to me at least, to have been a shift towards solo gaming.

Now, maybe I'm being oversensitive because I love the group content so much, with PuGs or friends. It's what I play WoW for, it's what I love doing, so when single player content gets in the way of that I get grouchy and write Breakfast Topics!

What about you, though? Do you think I'm being daft? Do you dislike the group content and love the single-player side? Do you just want to be alone? Would you love a single-player version of WoW?

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