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Sunday Morning Funnies: I am a pointy squirrel

Amanda Miller

Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

Happy mid-October, people! It's Stop and Smell the Roses Week, aka an opportunity to share something you appreciate about WoW-comics. You know, the little things we don't often think about. Or maybe the obvious things that are fun to discuss anyway. And this is totally official by the way -- I made sure of that, when I made this up, just now.

So here is mine, and it's something I've thought a little bit about the last couple weeks: I love that various comics will do long story arcs using different periods in WoW lore and/or gameplay (expansion packs). It really rounds out the reading experience. I love the super-current jokes too, but if every comic was always doing the most current thing, we would miss out on the chance to revisit the Lich King or the Outlands and see them with new eyes, when we're not quite so sick of it all.

My other, more obvious, more comedy-relevant comment would be that (of course) I love the random one-liners (one-panels?) that make me laugh unexpectedly. "I am a pointy squirrel," indeed!

What are some of the little things you appreciate about all the WoW comics?

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