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'Borderlands Legends' for iOS leaks ahead of release


Borderlands is a popular console shooter title that was recently followed up with a sequel on Xbox 360 and PS3, and it appears Gearbox, the company behind the game, isn't done yet. Plans have leaked out for a game called Borderlands Legends, coming to mobile platforms soon (and specifically iOS, on both iPhone and iPad).

As for what the game actually is, however, details aren't very clear yet. The mobile title will include all of the characters from the main Borderlands series, and it will have them leveling up various abilities and skills. It will also have the game's intriguing dynamic weapon system, as the mobile game promises "thousands" of different weapons to use. But there's also a cover system, which the console's first-person shooter gameplay doesn't really have. So this is likely a shooter, but probably features a twist on the genre -- maybe an on-rails shooter instead?

At any rate, we likely won't have to wait long: Borderlands Legends is apparently due out sometime this month. So we'll keep an eye on the App Store to see what Gearbox is cooking up for mobile for this popular series.

[via The Verge]

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