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Borderlands Legends will 'blow your mind' on iPhone & iPad this month


Borderlands Legends is an iPad and iPhone game releasing later this month. Gearbox Forums user Ownzilla spotted the above advert for the iOS game in the Borderlands 2 digital strategy guide.

Despite the details and screenshots in the advert, it's unclear exactly how Legends plays. What it features for certain are the four playable characters from the first Borderlands, character-specific abilities and powers unlocked by levelling up, plenty of weapons, a "strategic cover system," and a 'Fight for your life' mode which likely ties in to its namesake in Borderlands 2. And since there's mention of "in-game cash", surprise surprise, in-app purchases are likely to feature too.

The advert includes no release details beyond Borderlands Legends arriving in October. We've reached out to Gearbox for more info.

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