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Flurry details app retention by app category, users love weather apps


Flurry has looked at app engagement and retention with its great series of reports on app usage, and the company has now returned to the subject in a new release. This time, the mobile advertising firm looks at app retention within certain categories to see which kinds of apps users are able to find easily, keep and engage with them.

The results are pretty much what you'd expect: Weather and news apps are able to keep users for a long period of time, because most users choose one they trust and then stick with it. In terms of frequency, I'm not surprised to see streaming music apps listed high: Lately, the Slacker Radio app is probably the most used on my iPhone 5. Social games and social messaging apps are also used frequently, showing that people are most engaged when their friends are as well.

On the other side of the spectrum, you can see that music apps tend not to keep users around for long. I'd guess that's because Apple's own music apps are probably what most people end up going back to. Health and fitness apps are also down there, and retail and deals apps are also in that lower quadrant. That's also not too shocking. Most people interested in retail apps or deals probably use them until they buy what they need, and then move on.

These are just general comparisons of categories. Not all weather apps command high retention, and there are some health apps that get used all the time. But it is interesting to have a big picture of which categories are being used more often on iOS.

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