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Nintendo unveils first Wii U advert in UK, features flurry of 'spings'


Nintendo unveiled the UK's first Wii U commercial last night. The ad aired during a Homeland break on Channel 4, and YouTube user Neil Wheatley uploaded it shortly after.

The minute-long commercial is narrated by TV and radio presenter Adam Buxton, he of The Adam and Joe Show fame. On top of featuring Buxton's squeaky flurry of 'spings', the ad focuses on five of the new "ways to play" with Wii U. It also closes with a rapid-fire selection of upcoming Wii U games, although curiously Mass Effect 3 shows up twice within a matter of seconds. It's not like the Wii U is clutching at straws for launch games, is it?

Wii U launches in the UK and Europe on November 30.

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