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PlayStation Plus this week: Need for Speed, Medal of Honor, Hell Yeah!


No, that headline isn't our own exclamation of excitement over this week's PlayStation Plus update. Two pieces of Hell Yeah! DLC, Pimp My Rabbit and Virtual Rabbit Missions, are each 20 percent off this week for Plus members, $4 and $2.40, respectively.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted comes out on October 30, but this week it's $54 for Plusers who pre-order, opposed to the standard $60. Plus members also get a one-hour timed demo for Medal of Honor: Warfighter in preparation for its launch tomorrow. Sega Master System's Wonder Boy in Monster Land is normally $5 on PS3, but Plus people get it for $1 this week.

Check out the full details on the PlayStation Blog, and please, try to contain your hysterical joy.

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