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Report: Ace Attorney 5 features full voiceover


According to a Nintendo Dream interview summarized by Siliconera, Ace Attorney 5 will use full voice acting in-game – not just the "Objection!" and "Take that!" we've grown used to. The team decided upon the change to make better use of the 3DS's surround sound capabilities, rather than simply porting over the DS/GBA sound effects.

While we're excited about more dynamic dialogue presentation, this news also worries us a bit. All that voiced dialogue is going to make localization even more expensive, and we don't want there to be any barriers keeping Capcom from giving us more Ace Attorney. The company has announced plans to localize it, but we're just ... worried. Always.

Update: Based on presentations in livestreams, Court-Records user Wooster speculates that the voice acting will be used mostly in cutscenes, rather than throughout. Wooster also brings up the point that the existing voice clips will all have to be replaced, as the actors were non-professional (creator Shu Takumi in Japanese as Phoenix, and ex-Capcom producer Ben Judd in English). Thanks for pointing us to this post, Robert!

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