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US Immigration and Customs choose iPhone as on-the-job mobile device


The US Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement recently posted a justification report on the Federal Business Opportunities website describing a deal it has made to pick up iPhones and iOS devices for 17,676 of its users. The iOS services will be used for standard phone tasks like communication, voicemail and GPS services to begin with, but "ICE," as the office is called, is also looking towards the future, as the report allows for things like biometric scanning and other security checks to be done with iPhones and iPads.

Apple's system, then, meets all of the requirements that ICE needs for a communications network, and the division wants to use Apple's services to promote third-party developers to put together secure solutions for its work, as well as the ability to make and distribute its own apps out to users. Sounds like iOS fits the bill well for the department, and provides for plenty more possibilities in the future.

[via TechCrunch]

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