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Bigpoint cutting 120 jobs, abandoning U.S. development

Jef Reahard

Browser game outfit Bigpoint can be forgiven if it doesn't look fondly on 2012. Last summer the firm noted for Battlestar Galactica Online and an upcoming Game of Thrones spinoff vacated its mobile development business and jettisoned a couple of executives. Now reports that the free-to-play company is cutting 120 jobs. Bigpoint will shutter its San Francisco development office (approximately 40 jobs) as well as terminate 80 employees at its Hamburg location.

"We have seen that developing games in the U.S. is not really the most efficient way for us at the moment," CEO Heiko Hubertz tells GamesIndustry. "The games that we have developed in the last two years haven't been that successful, and the San Francisco area and Bay Area is quite a competitive market. San Francisco is, after New York, one of the most expensive cities you can live in in the US, so the people are quite expensive."

Hubertz will abdicate his CEO duties for an executive chairman position later this year. Bigpoint has yet to name a replacement. Hubertz also indicated that none of Bigpoint's current titles will be affected and that the company will continue making games.

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