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Memoto camera wants to capture your life -- every 30 seconds


Perhaps you saw my post last week about Lightt, a new social app that allows you to capture highlights of your life in 10-picture snaps and share that stream with friends. Now a new Kickstarter project from Swedish company Memoto wants to create a photographic record of your life by giving you a postage-stamp sized wearable camera coupled with an iPhone app to send a photo to a web service every 30 seconds.

The act of capturing your life in this manner is known as lifelogging, and has been going on for some time. The idea of making lifelogging technology affordable and inconspicuous is what Memoto is all about.

The Memoto camera measures 36x36x9 mm, captures 5-megapixel images, keeps a log of GPS positions and timestamps, and has an accelerometer to ensure that photos are always oriented correctly. There's a micro-USB port for charging the device's battery, which is expected to last for two days per charge.

Once the images are uploaded, software works to "organize the photos to work as a photographic memory that can be accessed at any time, even after many years, without the user ever feeling overwhelmed or disorganized." The images are catalogued by time, date, place and lighting conditions.

Memoto camera wants to capture your life, every 30 seconds

The team expects the Memoto camera to be available in early 2013 at a price of US$279, but backers who pledge $199 or more through Kickstarter will get a camera (in graphite grey, arctic white or Memoto orange) and a one-year web service subscription.

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