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PSN Tuesday: MOH Warfighter, Killzone HD, SF X Tekken Vita


Warfighter. You'll get caught up in the ... Warfighter! Another Day 1 Digital game launches on PS3 today, along with Killzone HD, the Starhawk single-player campaign, and former retail exclusive The Darkness 2.

If you missed them last week because you're not a Plus member, you can now get the free PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale beta and the less free Unfinished Swan. Perhaps most importantly, the Salaryman character is available in Tokyo Jungle.

On Vita, Street Fighter X Tekken is now available for download, along with the weird (and free) Frobisher Says, Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, and a lot of other stuff. See all the deals on the PlayStation Blog.

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