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Roundup of announced iPad mini accessories (updated)


Along with today's debut of the iPad mini came a tidal wave of accessory announcements for the littlest iPad. Here's a roundup of several of those new products.

Update - 10/24/12 10 AM ET: Added Dicota Protective Covers at the bottom of this post


X-Doria actually pinged us before the announcement with enticing photos of a new series of cases for the iPad mini. The cases (from left to right below) include the bright and stylish SmartStyle (US$39.99), the SmartCase-like SmartJacket ($34.99), the Dash Folio ($39.99), the puffy and versatile SleeveStand ($29.99), another bright and stylish SmartStyle, and Engage back shell ($19.99).

Roundup of announced iPad mini accessories


You may be more likely to take your iPad mini out for a bike ride or on a hiking trip than your full-grown iPad, so Otterbox has announced that the Defender Series case will be available for the diminutive iPad for $69.95. They're taking pre-orders now, and you can get the case in Black, Crevasse (gray), or Blush (magenta).

Roundup of announced iPad mini accessories

ZAGG invisibleShield

Hey, these guys don't have to do much more than detailed measurements of a device to create the "invisibleShield" for a product, so this was a no-brainer that ZAGG would have one announced almost immediately. The full body (front and back coverage), original military-grade protection protector for the iPad mini goes for $34.99, while the Hi-Definition version is $39.99. They're back-ordered until the week of November 6-14, so order now.


Incipio has come out with four new cases for the iPad mini. The mini NGP ($34.99) is an impact-resistant semi-rigid case that comes in pink, black or white, while the mini LGND ($34.99) is a premium hard-shell folio that folds into a stand. There's also the $39.99 mini Lexington, a hard shell folio case with a "vegan leather" exterior and a micro-suede interior. Finally, the mini Feather ($34.99) is a ultra-thin snap-on case in orange, red, pink, black, light blue, purple or gray. Check out the video below for details.

That's about it for today's announcements. Many of the other manufacturers are probably queueing up their PR announcements for the next few days, so be sure to check back often for news of more iPad mini accessories.


European manufacturer Dicota has announced the Flexi Back Cover and Hard Back Cover (see below) for iPad mini. No prices have been announced; visit the Dicota Web site for pricing by country when it becomes available.

Roundup of announced iPad mini accessories updated

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