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Best Buy listing reminds us that the LG Spectrum 2 is still on its way to Verizon


A few months back an anonymous tipster gave us a candid look at the Verizon-bound LG Spectrum 2, but after a couple more sightings here and there, the trail eventually went cold and Big Red's unannounced smartphone fled back into seclusion. However, a recent website posting by Best Buy has brought this mobile Sasquatch out of hiding and back into the mainstream media. While this listing is mostly a refresh confirming our source's shared specs, it notes the Spectrum 2's unsubsidized price as $650. Now, before you would-be buyers start directing your browser to the retailer's webpage in hopes of making a quick purchase, it should be noted that the device is listed as "sold out online." Still, we can't help but notice the pictured device's homescreen carries a date of November 3rd, which could be a nod to when the Spectrum 2 might officially show up on store shelves.

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