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DDO unearths upgraded Endless Dead festival


Don't be surprised that the Endless Dead are back in Dungeons and Dragons Online; after all, they're endless. We should be grateful that they bother coming only once a year instead of crashing weddings all summer. Turbine's added several improvements to its Halloween event and is excited to show you a good (and spooky) time.

The festival, which begins tomorrow and runs through November 4th, includes a special instance, cool prizes, and plenty of undead bad guys coming up for another round with your sword-and-shield. The team has increased the size of the monsters, added items like night black coffee (mmm), and dangled the possibility of accessing the Summoning Chamber, a special instance created for the event.

Get a bloody eyeful of the scares to come in the gallery below!

Gallery: DDO Endless Night 2012 | 11 Photos

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