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Skype 6.0 for Mac available with Facebook, Microsoft logins


Are you ready for a new version of Skype for Mac? Skype 6.0 showed up today with a few new changes, including the ability to sign in with either Facebook or Microsoft login credentials.

If you've never used Skype before, there's now no need to set up a separate Skype account -- you can use your Facebook account to log in. Mac users who have come over from the dark side but still have a Microsoft login can use that to get into Skype.

Other changes to Skype 6.0 for Mac include the ability to have open chats in multiple windows and support for the growing number of Macs with Retina displays.

Since Skype is now owned by Microsoft, there are also a number of new and coming features dealing with using the app to send instant messages to your friends in your Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail and contact books.

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