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    Daily iPhone App: Super Bunny Breakout updates Atari's classic with a cute shine


    Atari has several great titles on the horizon, and it recently released Super Bunny Breakout (US$0,99, universal), a fun game that's a take on the company's classic Breakout. As usual, you can see what the game is like in our video below. The idea is that you bounce a bunny around, breaking various objects and cages with an old-fashioned Breakout platform.

    The game's relatively simple and fun. There's a certain amount of complexity as you go along, especially when you unlock various other animal heroes to play with, each with their own power-ups and techniques for breaking the items above you apart. There's also a nice touch of physics-based gameplay. When you break certain objects, others will fall, and so your choices about where to bounce your bunny can be pretty important.

    Finally, there's also a freemium game included, with a tree house where you can feed and dress up the animal champions that you've unlocked so far. This doesn't add a ton to the core game, but it is a fun distraction that adds a little bit of extra cuteness. Super Bunny Breakout is well worth the launch price of 99 cents in the store right now, though if you aren't yet sure, there's a free version to try as well.

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