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Minecraft XBLA gets a pack full of skins for Halloween


"The Minecraft Halloween skin pack" sounds like a disgusting bag filled with blocky bits of flesh. The real Minecraft XBLA skins are almost as gross, but in a more charming, less messy way.

The Halloween skin pack includes 55 new, creepy character designs donated by developers around the world, and it runs 160 MS Points ($2). All of the proceeds benefit four charities chosen by Mojang, 4J Studios and Microsoft Studios. Bonus side note: For the first time in Minecraft XBLA's history, some of the skins feature capes.

The Halloween skin pack goes on sale on October 26 and will be available through November 26, the day following the end of Minecon 2012 at Disneyland Paris. Do the creep-ah.

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