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RIFT converts several servers to trial-only, expands capacity

Jef Reahard

If you logged into RIFT last night to find your server shuttered and your guild shipped off to the far reaches of Telara, well, apparently it's all part of the plan.

Trion has been updating its shard technology in advance of the Storm Legion expansion, and the result is that everyone in the game's European and American regions can play on their own dedicated wargroup. Trion says via forum post that the updates "have effectively doubled the capacity of the individual servers" and reduced queue times for dungeons and PvP.

Briarcliff, Byriel, Deepstrike, Gnarlwood, Greenscale, Keenblade, Millrush, and Silkweb have all been converted to trial servers. Trion is offering free character transfers to former residents, and there are instructions and further details on the process at RIFT's official website.

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