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Watch the 3DS, Wii U Nintendo Direct for Japan live right here [update: it's over!]


There are two Nintendo Direct broadcasts going out today, one for Nintendo of America and the first beaming live from Japan. This first Direct is expected to focus on 3DS games and cover previously announced Wii U games. The last few coughed up more than a few surprises.

The broadcast begins at 7AM ET (4AM Pacific, 12PM British). The Nintendo Direct for North America is due three hours later at 10AM ET, and according to Nintendo it'll also focus on 3DS software. We'll also have that live stream for you, so don't be going anywhere.

Update: It's all been and gone now, and as suspected a lot of it was a recap. There was confirmation, though, of a Spring 2013 release window for Dragon Quest X on Wii U in Japan. Don't forget to tune in for the North American edition at 10AM ET.

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