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AUO develops IGZO-based, 65-inch 4K TV screen, vows high resolution without the high power


It's now clear that Sharp doesn't have an exclusive lock on IGZO displays, even for the big-screen TVs that are still the company's domain. AU Optronics has developed a 65-inch IGZO panel that wields the very light-friendly technology to reach 4K resolutions without the usual penalties -- as the screen doesn't need much backlighting to illuminate all those pixels, it can stay slim and keep the shocking energy bills to a minimum. The smaller size and miserly power draw also leave a real chance that any pricing will be closer to the mere mortal realm than current 84-inch behemoths. And while it's mostly up to other companies to decide if and when they use AUO's flagship display, we'll have choices of our own should the IGZO TV still be too rich for our blood: the Taiwan firm has simultaneously developed a more conventional, 55-inch 4K screen with a wide color range as well as a 50-inch, 1080p panel with an extra-skinny 0.14-inch bezel. It's at least good to know that there's already competition for technology that's just getting started.

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