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City of Steam posts beta schedule


The time is neigh to gear up and test the heck out of City of Steam! Mechanist Games' steampunk MMO is nearing its closed beta phase and has posted a schedule for testing through the remainder of the year.

The team breaks down the closed beta cycle into four "seasons": Springtide (November 16th to the 20th), Summercrest (November 30th to the December 4th), Autumnwane (December 14th to the 18th), and Winter Festival (December 23rd to the 28th).

For those of you looking for a way to guarantee a beta invite or would like to support the game, the devs also announced several beta collaborator packs to purchase. Each pack includes a beta key, name reservation, and other goodies. Mechanist Games is also posting a "Steam-o-Meter" that will trigger additional development on the game once certain support goals are met.

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