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Halloween around the virtual world


Spooks and specters, ghouls and ghosts, festivals and frippery -- it must be Halloween season once again in MMOs! For a variety of reasons, Halloween gives blanket permission to studios to go nuts with typically the best in-game holiday of the year. I figure it's because MMO players are already in the spirit of wearing costumes, getting "treats" from corpses, and exploring all manner of creepy areas. Toss in a few pumpkins and see if you can squeeze in an homage to the Slender Man, and you're golden.

So whether or not you're young enough to trick-or-treat without shame, you most certainly can enjoy the eerie atmosphere that impish game developers create. Here's a quick roundup of several in-game Halloween events happening right now around the virtual world.

Halloween around the virtual world 29
DC Universe Online: The Witching Hour

DCUO creates a new event for this year centering around Klarion the Witch Boy and all of his naughty escapades. Players can stop his plans, crash his party, and snag pets and costumes over the course of the adventure. (Available through November 6th.)

EverQuest: The Haunting of Kithicor

EverQuest boots back up its Halloween festivities, although there are a few additional touches this year. Players can discover spooky-themed armor for the Hero's Forge, participate in several community events, and dig up a few graves just because an NPC told them to do so. (Available through November 7th.)

EverQuest II: Nights of the Dead

There's so much to do in Nights of the Dead, it's hard to know where to start! Check out haunted houses in the capital cities, grab a handful of scary decorations, enjoy the new ghost hunter competitions, and see if you can solve a special quest. (Available through November 5th.)

Free Realms: Super Spooktacular

For those looking for more light-hearted events, Free Realms is the place to be. Where else will you see vampires in a dance-off against werewolves, after all? (Available through November 15th.)

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Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures: Halloween

Even galaxies far, far away know how to throw a good monster mash! Not only will Clone Wars Adventures sprinkle a bit of the dark side and goofy costumes of the holiday on everything, but Count Dooku will show up for a fight if you're up to the challenge. (Available through November 9th.)

Vanguard: Festival of the Grim Harvest

The door between the land of the dead and that of the living is opening, and players will have their hands full with a trio of raid bosses, a mourning widow, and a haunted mansion. (Available through November 1st.)

Guild Wars 2: Shadow of the Mad King

GW2's first holiday event is one of its most anticipated: the return of the Mad King from the original game. The studio has minigames, dynamic events, and a new epic questline. (Available through October 31st.)

RuneScape: Festival of the Dead

Talk with the dead and help them make right what once went wrong in this brand-new holiday event. Why mourn the passed when you could celebrate their lives?

Halloween around the virtual world 26
The Secret World: The Cat God

Halloween is right at home in The Secret World, so the devs made sure that they had something awesome up their sleeves. The end result is as quirky as it is intriguing: a sinister cat, Stonehenge, and an ancient Irish legend wrapped up in a new mission.

TERA: Masquerade Mayhem

Gather pies from mobs and sling them at Gourdo, the pumpkin ghost who's making a menace of himself all over the world! When you're tired of that, gather your free gifts and attend the Masquerade Ball on the 30th. (Available through November 5th.)

World of Warcraft: Hallow's End

This long-running festival is back with treats, the Wickerman celebration, and the legendary confrontation with the Headless Horseman. It also challenges players to complete all 20 achievements before its time is up. (Available through October 31st.)

Wizard101: Halloweenfest

Spooky Bob returns to the commons for another Halloween full of chills and critters!

Halloween around the virtual world 26
Dark Legends: Halloween events

The mobile MMO is selling special items in the store for the duration of Halloween, but that's not all. Active players can slay special ghosts for their goods and snag a limited-time mask while it lasts.

Guild Wars: Halloween

For those of you still in the original game, the Mad King Thorn hasn't forgotten about you. Expect ghoulish riddles and puns, tricks and treats, costume brawls and fun quests -- it's a great time of the year!

Allods Online: Halloween Sale

Pick up several varieties of monster wings, vanity helms, and costumes for a limited time only!

Turbine: Pumpkin Carving Contest

Turbine's holding three separate pumpkin carving contests for LotRO, Asheron's Call, and DDO. Winners will be granted free game time, special titles, and store currency.

Halloween around the virtual world 26
Battlefield Heroes: Halloween rewards

Even soldiers enjoy a good costume or two, yes? Players can choose from one of six getups and slap on a shoulder pet for good measure. The game's also added special Halloween-themed weapons, two of which can be gained permanently if a player racks up 500 kills by the end of Halloween night. (Available through October 31st.)

Ultima Online: Shard of the Dead

Roll a character on this special shard to take part in bloodthirsty combat with incredible bosses! If you survive -- and that's a big "if" -- you can walk away with treasures galore. (Available through November 1st.)

Age of Conan:
Nights of Lost Souls

During this event, Hyboria gets more spooky and creepy than normal -- and we didn't even think that was possible! There are three lost souls to track down and kill during this event, and doing so rewards you with your choice of social gear. (Available through November 5th.)

All Points Bulletin: Halloween

It's a rough-and-tumble Halloween in the 'hood! Dare you try out the Fright Club, go smash a few pumpkins, or roll in the costume contest? If you do, you may not come out with all limbs intact!

Halloween around the virtual world 26
Warhammer Online: Daemon Moon Rising

WAR steps up its game this year with a new public quest: Daemonball Rally! On top of that, Daemon Moon Rising features special tasks, scenario goals, and plenty of costume masks to go around. (Available through November 1st.)

Anarchy Online:
Halloween Bash

Grab your free costumes and party down with the players in one of two Halloween Bashes!

RIFT: The Monster Mash

Are you going to do the mash? The Monster Mash? If so, you better log into the game and prepare yourself for this new dynamic event that can happen anywhere, anytime. Did we mention you'll be able to pick between becoming a ghost or a werewolf during it? (Available through November 11th.)

Dark Age of Camelot:
Pumpkin Moon Rising

It's that time of year again when the cities become haunted, merchants hawk costumes, and players are challenged to complete the ghostly harvest quest! (Available through November 5th.)

Halloween around the virtual world 26
Dungeons and Dragons Online: Endless Night

The mobs are bigger, the stakes are higher, and the screams are shriller as players fight their way through a cemetery to find a dark dungeon to explore. (Available through November 5th.)

Elsword Online: It's Halloween in Elrios

The spine-tingling Halloween dungeon is once again to explore and plunder -- if you make it back out, that is. There's also new seasonal items available in the game store and a particularly nasty Grim Reaper who's tormenting the good folks of the world.

League of Legends: Elise, the Spider Queen

That's right: There's a brand-new champion to try out! In addition to this, players can enjoy a remake of the Twisted Treeline map and purchase a few sinister skins during the holiday period.

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