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Around Azeroth: A night at the head museum


"A group from Spectacular Death on Llane (US-A) was running Heroic Scholomance and had just finished the Lillian Voss battle, " writes submitter Debra. "Nounours said, 'Guys, have you noticed the wall? Those heads? We're being watched. That is so freaky.' Freaky indeed. If you run back and forth across the room, the faces watch your every move. But think about it. The whole dungeon is one big haunted house, from the skeletons at the beginning to Darkmaster Gandling teleporting you into rooms with zombies at the end, all accompanied by a talking disembodied head. These three fit in just fine. We wonder if two of these faces are meant to represent the two people from whom you used to get Scholomance quests from back in vanilla, whose names we can't remember. Raise your hand if you still have, in your bank, the orb that allowed you to see the shades in the village."

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