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Blood Pact: Looking for loot in tier 14 raids


Every week, WoW Insider brings you Blood Pact for affliction, demonology, and destruction warlocks. This week, Megan O'Neill wishes she has a sorcerer's apprentice to run Simulation Craft over and over again with different reforges.

Loot lists are about as boring to write as they are to read, but they're helpful for when you're staring down a 20-second timer on the EPGP window and you're not sure what GP-spending button you'd like to hit.

After we get done with the tier 14 gear, we should be set to talk about cooler things, like whether capping hit makes sense or particular boss strategies.

As opposed to my reputation gear list two weeks ago, I'm going to sort this list by boss, not slot. Mainly, it's easier to see which bosses you'd like to roll your bonus coins on this way.

Item levels: If you remember from the reputation list, the LFR gear will sit at the bottom of the raid-drop ilevels. Mogu'shan Vaults gear will leapfrog with the other two raids, with the Vaults' heroic gear sandwiched in between normal and heroic mode gear for Heart and Terrace.

A reminder of the ilevel spread for the raids:

  • 476: Mogu'shan Vaults LFR and crafted PvE gear bought from reputations
  • 483: Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Springs LFR
  • 489: Vaults normal mode gear and valor point gear bought from reputations
  • 496: Galleon's loot table, Heart and Terrace normal mode gear, and crafted gear from raid-drop patterns
  • 502: Vaults heroic mode gear
  • 509: Heart and Terrace heroic mode gear
To give myself a breather on the copying and pasting of links (and the possibility that I mismatch one or two), I'll list the LFR mode gear for all items listed below. The stats only go up from there.

Mogu'shan Vaults

Stone Guard shatters into Claws of Amethyst and Ruby-Linked Girdle.

Feng the Accursed drops Amulet of Seven Curses and Imperial Ghostbinder Robes.

Gara'jal has only one thing to offer: Shadowsummoner Spaulders.

Spirit Kings may give you Mindshard Drape and Undying Shadow Grips.

Elegon is the pretty dragon with the pretty loot: Torch of the Celestial Spark, Orbital Belt, and Light of the Cosmos.

Will of the Emperor tops you off with Hood of Focused Energy and Worldwaker Cachabon.

Bonus roll advice: If there's only one boss you'd spend a coin on, I'd say hit up Elegon. The wand is the only main-hand epic drop short of PvPing until you get to mid-Terrace. If you have a scribe or get lucky with Gandling in Scholomance, you can get a 476 staff instead, but the normal mode wand should be better. The paired offhand drops in Heart of Fear or craft one from Inscription.

Even if your weapon isn't your concern, that trinket is so very delicious for all the aff'locks out there.
Blood Pact Looking for loot in tier 14 MON
Heart of Fear

Imperial Vizier Zor'lok starts off with the little pieces like Attenuating Bracers and Fragment of Fear Made Flesh.

Blade Lord Ta'yak gives you more of a hand with Tornado-Summoning Censer and Twisting Wind Bracers.

Garalon holds Xaril's Hood of Intoxicating Vapors, Stormwake Mistcloak, and Sandals of the Unbidden.

Wind Lord Mel'jarak is only good for the tier hands token.

Amber-Shaper Un'sok is primarily for the tier legs token if the Sha of Anger hates you but he also drops Belt of Malleable Amber. There is a spirit-laden dagger listed in the Dungeon Journal under warlocks, but it's not my problem if your healers kill you for taking it from them.

Grand Empress Shek'zeer's defeat will calm your heartbeat with the tier chest token and Leggings of Shadow Infestation.

Bonus roll advice: Obviously, spend a coin on the last three bosses to get a second chance at tier if you've been unlucky with Sha of Anger's pieces. Otherwise, I plan to spend one hoping for Xaril's Hood until I get to the end of Terrace, or hoping for the off-hand off the Blade Lord to pair with a main hand.

Terrace of Endless Spring

Protectors of the Endless have your back with Cloak of Overwhelming Corruption and Regali's Cracking Dagger.

Tsulong offers the first weapon with that legendary sha-touched socket: it's a badass looking sword named Loshan, Terror Incarnate. You could also receive a pair of belts (Invoker's or Sorcerer's) and Sandals of the Blackest Night.

There's an intellect trinket with a healing-related proc listed under warlocks in the Dungeon Journal, but there is no doubt that your healers will definitely strangle you if you try to take it from them. It's their Best-in-Slot, I hear.

Lei Shi has the tier shoulders token and the other sha-touched socketable weapon; this one is a staff called Jin'ya, Orb of the Waterspeaker. Again, you can receive a pair of belts of either Invoker's or Sorcerer's flavor and Robes of the Unknown Fear.

Sha of Fear keeps captive the tier helm token, Dreadwoven Leggings of Failure, and Essence of Terror.

Bonus roll advice: Definitely spend one on Tsulong or Lei Shi for the weapons with the sha-touched sockets. Tsulong drops the main-hand while Lei Shi drops the two-hand, so having the Censer or not may be your deciding factor. Spend one on Lei Shi and Sha of Fear for that second chance at tier again.

Warlock tier 14

We still share the Conqueror token with paladins and priests. Monks decided to hang out on the Protector token.

If you started at your ankles and worked your way up the body, the boss progression of the drops goes up. Well, maybe you're holding your hands below your legs like a hozen, then. (Ook Ook!) Here's a recap of which boss drops what tier 14 token:
  • Head -- Sha of Fear, Terrace of Endless Spring
  • Shoulders -- Lei Shi, Terrace of Endless Spring
  • Chest -- Grand Empress Shek'zeer, Heart of Fear
  • Hands -- Sha of Anger (world boss) OR Wind Lord Mel'jarak, Heart of Fear
  • Legs -- Sha of Anger (world boss) OR Amber-Shaper Un'sok, Heart of Fear
You can possibly get 2-piece without organized raiding if Sha of Anger really likes you. But to see 4-piece you'll need to clear Mogu'shan Vaults and Heart of Fear to get into Terrace of Endless Spring, and then nearly if not completely clear the Terrace.

Let's look at the set bonuses:Unfortunately, the Simulation Craft main page for warlocks doesn't appear to have the set bonus comparison like it did in Cataclysm. The graph was useful mostly to see when it was a good idea to switch out of the past tier, but we should be well out of using our T13 pieces by now. But I do miss see how much of an up each bonus is to each spec.

I think the 2-piece bonus will be equally good for all three specs. One might think destro would be great with it, since Incinerate counts for almost half of its damage source, but then you notice the percentage increases are adjusted for each spec's abilities. But I am impressed by the 2-piece finally tailoring to each spec instead of providing a shared ability that one spec might like more than the others.

However, the 4-piece set bonus amazes me for affliction. Demonology and destruction should also get boosts to their DPS with a cooldown reduction. But the thing about affliction's Dark Soul that strikes is that it's a half-length Heroism. Heroism lasts for 40 seconds and Dark Soul: Misery lasts for 20, and they're both 30% spell haste. With 4-piece, affliction may have a half-length Heroism every 80 seconds, which seems a little obscene for me.

I realize that by heroic tier 14 gear mastery has taken over as the favored stat for affliction, so perhaps the 4-piece provides the supporting haste in little bursts over a fight.

Blood Pact is a weekly column detailing DOTs, demons and all the dastardly deeds done by warlocks. We'll coach you in the fine art of staying alive, help pick the best target for Dark Intent, and steer you through tier 13 set bonuses.

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