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They Bleed Pixels hemorrhages price for Halloween, adds free level


They Bleed Pixels will be on sale on Steam for $3.39 through November 1. It's a gentle suggestion from developer Spooky Squid Games that you should spend your Halloween spilling blood and setting custom checkpoints.

Along with the sale, Spooky Squid is adding a totally free new Halloween-themed level in which you earn candy for killing enemies. It'll show up in the "Extras" section of all copies sometime within the sale period.

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They Bleed Pixels Halloween sale and bonus level!

Gothic low-fi platforming beat'em up They Bleed Pixels is celebrating Halloween with a spooky new bonus level and a 66% discount on Steam from Oct 29th to Nov 1st.

Toronto, ON – Oct 29th, 2012

Spooky Squid Games are celebrating their favourite holiday with a free new bonus level for They Bleed Pixels. "All Hallows' Eve" is a blood soaked, sugar rush of a level in which players must brutally sacrifice familiar enemies in return for delicious delicious candy. Skilled players are challenged to explore, puzzle, stab, slice and kick their way to all 100 sweets!

They Bleed Pixels is available for PC on Steam during the sale period for the terrifyingly low price of $3.39:

The "All Hallows' Eve" level will be released during the sale period and will appear automagically in the bonus level section under extras along with 7 new achievements.

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