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Guns of Icarus Online launches its airships along with a trailer

MJ Guthrie

Players looking forward to aerial combat aboard steampunk-inspired airships can now lift off and begin the battle. Guns of Icarus Online, a stand-alone Steam-based sequel to browser title Guns of Icarus, has officially launched. The game mixes team-based strategy and first-person shooter action, and with a crew compliment of up to four players, each airship is equipped to meet any challenge in the post-apocalyptic sky.

Howard Tsao
, owner of Muse Games, emphasized that the launch is only the beginning. He stated, "We have a great many promises yet to fulfill over the coming months as we continue to add content and improve player experience. The game is fun, making it even more fun will be our priority from this point forward and everything from new ships, weapons, costumes, maps, game modes, and PvE content is coming."

Check out some images of the newly-launched game in the gallery below, and catch a glimpse of the action in the trailer after the break.

[Source: Muse Games press release]

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