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Paper Climb for iPad: Fun wall-climber with great style


Paper Climb (US$0.99) offers a challenging wall-climbing game with really great style. You scale a virtual wall of paper while avoiding obstacles like falling stones (wadded-up paper -- everything follows the "made of paper" motif here), angry eagles and blowing wind.

The design is terrific. A lot of work has gone into presenting a delightful, visually-clever interface. I love how the developers worked so hard at building a fully realized visual metaphor.

The game play is fun too. You have to think fast, because just like real-world rock-climbing, you have to strategize on how to keep moving up that wall.

The obstacles are well thought out, and they ramp up the higher you move up the wall. For a buck, this is a no-brainer purchase for iPad owners but if you want to give it a no-commitment try, there's a free lite version available as well.

A video showcasing game play follows below, giving you a preview of Paper Climb in action.

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