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The Daily Grind: What would your role trinity look like?

Eliot Lefebvre

The trinity of MMO roles is pretty well understood by a lot of players. The tanks hold enemy attention, the healers keep the tanks alive, and the DPS kills the enemies before the healers get overwhelmed. It's a functional system, one that's been used for years. It's also one that many people have decried as being stagnant and overused, resulting in Guild Wars 2 discarding the existing roles and replacing them with an entirely different setup, focused instead on damage, support, and control.

But maybe you feel that there's a better way to split up roles. Maybe you think healers are outmoded but the rest of the trinity can stay, or that tanks, DPS, and control would be more interesting to play. Or perhaps you'd like to see DPS go the way of the dinosaur along with healers. If you had the opportunity to design your game of choice, what sort of trinity would you design? Or would you stick with the old standby?

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