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Using the iOS 6 panorama photo feature


iOS 6 surprised many iPhoneographers with the inclusion of an unexpected panorama photo feature. Panorama photography using the built-in Camera app on iOS 6 devices has quickly become one of the favorite features of Apple's newest mobile operating system. TechHive's Derrick Story has provided a post today covering tips for using the feature for exciting photos and iPhoto products.

Unlike rival apps like Debacle Software's Pano (US$1.99), iOS 6's panorama feature takes photos in one continuous shot -- almost like shooting video. And unlike Occipital's 360 Panorama ($0.99), the panorama is taken in one horizontal or vertical plane instead of in a virtual sphere. iOS 6 assembles the image as one big photo (up to 28 MP and averaging about 16 MB, says Story) covering up to 240 degrees, and that image can then be opened and viewed in iPhoto for iOS ($4.99).

Story notes that Retina iPads and the iPhone 5 both have enough horsepower available to let photographers view or zoom in and out of them. But the real trick is to use the panoramic shots in iPhoto (iOS or Mac) slideshows, where they are automatically panned in a "Ken Burns"-like effect, or in the Origami slideshow effect. The latter effect shows the panorama unfolding -- very effective for a slideshow. Horizontal panoramas can also be used in iPhoto books, spanning two full pages for a stunning effect.

Have you personally used the panorama feature of iOS 6? Let us know in the comments how you like it. If you haven't used the feature yet, be sure to check out Story's post and then give panorama photography a workout.

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