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Apple publishes iPhone 5 launch day video


Apple product launch days are a thing of ridicule for those who don't appreciate the camaraderie and fun of standing in line to be the first to own the latest and greatest from Cupertino. Samsung even pokes fun at Apple fans in their latest ads for one of their forgettable Android products. But Apple realizes that the sense of community and excitement at product launches is a part of the company's cachet, and so they encourage customers to join in.

The iPhone 5 launch day was no different, and Apple placed a two-minute video onto its iPhone 5 page showing the crowds at the flagship store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, a store in Germany and what appears to be a store in Hong Kong. That video made its way to YouTube, and now you can see it in its entirety here.

The video is well-photographed and really captures the thrill of being at a flagship store on launch day. Take that, Samsung...

[via MacNN]

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