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Dragon Quest 7 reborn on 3DS Feb. 7 in Japan [update]


Square Enix has opened an official Japanese website for the 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VII, announcing a February 7 release date. Artepiazza, a developer with a pedigree of Dragon Quest ports including the recent DS remake trilogy, is in charge of the update.

In addition to the refreshed graphics, the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VII will feature an orchestral score by the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra. Square Enix has yet to announce any plans to release this outside of Japan, but all three of the DS remakes made it to North America. Recently, Dragon Quest games have been published in North America by Nintendo.

Update: A Square Enix representative has told Joystiq that Dragon Quest VII is currently being "evaluated" for the western market. "We're currently evaluating the title for the Western markets, but nothing has been determined. Please stay tuned for more information."

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