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EverQuest II adds Krono tokens to store

Eliot Lefebvre

Do you have time for EverQuest II? Because it has time for you. Specifically, it has time it will sell to you. The newest addition to the game's marketplace, Krono, is all about getting just a little more time. For slightly more than the price of a month's subscription to the game, you can get an item that's redeemable for a month's subscription. Which doesn't sound all that wonderful until you realize that it takes the form of an in-game item that can be traded or sold.

Yes, it's taking a page from EVE Online and TERA, allowing players to purchase a month of subscription status to trade to others as desired. The rollout to EverQuest II is part of a trial, and if successful Sony Online Entertainment plans to expand Krono functionality to other games. So if you've got plenty of real-world money and want a chance to trade someone time, you might want to jump in and grab hold of the newest addition to the game.

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