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Five apps that are wicked fun for Halloween


It's Halloween, which means it is time for scary movies, zombie costumes and bags stuffed full of candy from trick-or-treating. Below, you will find five apps that are perfect for this horror-filled holiday.

Dead Trigger (iOS Universal, Free)

Dead Trigger is a gory arcade shooter that'll have you slaughtering zombies with weapons like a Colt 1911 and a classic chainsaw. The latest version of the app supports the iPhone 5 and includes a new haunted graveyard. Best of all, this zombie smashing fun won't cost you a penny.

Smash Your Food HD (iPad, $2.99)

You don't want your kids smashing zombies, so you can have them smash their food instead. Fun and not frightening, Smash Your Food lets you pick a food and pound, smash or crush it. It's not all about destruction as the app also shows the nutritional value for each item you are about to pulverize. An updated version with more smashy is here.

Cartoonatic (iPhone, Free)

Cartoonatic is a video recording app that adds cartoon-style effects and catchy soundtracks to your videos. The effects are added in real-time so you can see your final video while you are recording it. The app was recently updated with a set of Halloween-themed content, so you can add some spookiness to your recordings.

Zombies, Run! (iPhone, $7.99)

Just because you're a fitness fan and not a gamer, it doesn't mean you have to miss out on the zombie apocalypse. All you have to do is install Zombies, Run!, an immersive running and audio adventure game. In the game, you are one of a handful of survivors and must collect supplies to rebuild your base and avoid hordes of zombies. Put on your sneakers, plug in your headphones and listen to the story unfold as you run and collect materials. The app tracks your run using GPS and lets you view and share them online.

Grimm (iPhone, $0.99)

Grimm from Robox Studios is a dark-themed platformer that has you navigate a baby in a stroller through a series of puzzles. You are hunted down by the villainous Mr. Grimm as you try to reunite the baby with his parents. The dark graphics give the app a macabre feel that fits in perfectly with Halloween.

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