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iRock chair charges your iPad as you relax


If the idea of combining a rocking chair with a tablet strikes you as ridiculous, you really can't be blamed. The new iRock iPad-compatible rocking chair might not make you feel any differently, but it's hard to argue against its overall cool factor. The innovative rocker not only features a docking mechanism for Apple's tablet, but also lets you recharge the device simply by rocking back and forth.

A small power generator situated on the leg of the chair provides the juice for your device, and the company claims you can charge an iPad 3 up to 35 percent within 60 minutes of rocking. Speaking of rocking, the iRock also includes built-in speakers situated on both corners of the upper headrest, letting you rock out while you rock out. Unfortunately, the honor of placing your derriere on an iRock of your very own will set you back a cool US$1,300.

[Via: Gizmag]

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