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Ouya offers guidelines for potential developers, now runs Jelly Bean


It's been a while since we've heard anything on Ouya, the little Android game box that earned a whopping $8.5 million through its Kickstarter campaign. Today, the hardware's development team have ended its information drought with fresh details on the platform. According to the latest project update, Ouya developers can get started on making games for the system right now.

Since Ouya runs on Tegra 3, potential devs can pick up a Tegra 3 Android tablet and get cracking. But in addition to that, there are other things to keep in mind, like how Ouya controllers will have a single-input touch pad or how Ouya won't support push notifications at launch.

In a separate post, the Ouya team revealed changes made to the upcoming hardware. The console is now powered on the current Jelly Bean OS as opposed to the previously announced, and way older, Ice Cream Sandwich platfrom. Ouya is beyond the design phase at the moment and moving toward production, with the first run of circuit boards already fused together (as seen above).

Ouya is on track to meet its deadline for development kits in December and is currently in one of several planned testing phases where both the controller and console are being put through its paces.

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