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Resident Evil 6, Dragon's Dogma propel Capcom to record first half of fiscal 2013


Capcom reported operating income of 6.5 billion yen ($81.6 million) for the first half of its fiscal 2013 (April 1 through September 30), up 134.2 percent from last year. Overall, Capcom claimed that "sales and income for this 6 months period broke the record at all levels for the first half."

The success is attributed to two games which have done better in sales than in reviews, one being Resident Evil 6, of which Capcom had already shipped 3.7 million units to retailers by the end of the half, in advance of its October release date. Yes, one of the best-selling games of the period, from Capcom's perspective, had not yet been released during the period. That's why we're always clear to identify "shipped" versus "sold," if you're playing along at home.

The other big seller is Dragon's Dogma, which became a million seller in Capcom's "more profitable domestic market" of Japan despite less success outside of Japan.

Capcom's social games, including a Monster Hunter card game, Resident Evil Outbreak Survive, and the Beeline games The Smurfs' Village and Snoopy's Street Fair also contributed.

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