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Two new videos preview Blade & Soul's Tower of Mushin dungeon

MJ Guthrie

On Monday, treated us to two videos highlighting Blade & Soul's new Tower of Mushin, which is part of the Second Wave update that just went live today. Now, the site is offering more videos previewing what players can expect when they open the doors of this new solo dungeon.

The first video shows off the lobby, which includes a PvP arena in the center as well as practice dummies for players to build their chi or rage. The area also contains various NPCs found in regular towns, giving players access to the auction house, their banks, and such.

The second video highlights various boss fights. The fights get progressively more difficult as the player ascends through the seven floors of the tower. The tower also appears to be able to support indefinite additional levels as the level cap increases.

Get a glimpse of the Tower after the break.

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