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Billboard: Halo 4 highest-charting game soundtrack yet


Halo 4 won't be out for a few more days, but the official soundtrack from composer Neil Davidge has been widely available since the middle of October – and it's done well. Billboard ranked it in the #50 spot for its Billboard 200, which is the highest a video game soundtrack has ever reached on the charts.

Davidge's score sold 9,000 copies in its first week and Billboard says it outperformed all the series' predecessors in the Top Soundtracks category. That includes the Halo: Reach soundtrack, which made it to number eight back in 2010. The official Halo 4 soundtrack reached third in Top Soundtracks.

The Halo 2 soundtrack still has a record over Halo 4's score, however. It managed to move more than 9,000 albums during its second week on shelves. The previous record holder for top video game soundtrack on the Billboard 200 was the soundtrack to Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock at 107. Yup, the honor goes to an album of a video game in which you play along to that album.

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