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Evernote 5 for Mac beta is here to keep you on the bleeding edge of hyperorganization (video)


Evernote 5 for Mac is finally here ... sort of. At least the beta is here, but that's totally out now. Of course, you may not wanna jump into the madness of a beta -- Evernote's warning users that they could suffer data corruption, data loss, or other such calamities. Should that be the case, you'll only have to wait "a bit" for the public release of the final software. Also, if you snagged Evernote via Apple's App Store, your local notebooks may be endangered by the beta; "if you install the beta, you will lose all of your local notebooks," Evernote says. Should you be bold enough to participate, instructions are right here.

What does Evernote's latest release contain, pray tell? Smarter search with TypeAhead, for one, not to mention a more graphics-heavy note interface. The fine folks at Evernote have a full video rundown of new features in Evernote 5, which we've dropped below.

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