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Mass Effect Trilogy pushed to Dec. 4 on PS3


Mass Effect Trilogy is coming to the PS3 on December 4 in North America and December 7 in Europe, just in time for the Hanar holiday festivities. Hanars make the best sugar cookies.

The new release bundles all three Mass Effect games in one sleek black N7 box. The original Mass Effect, which is playable on Sony's system for the first time, will also be available for download through PSN.

BioWare already detailed the DLC available on each platform: The "Bring Down the Sky" mission will be included with Mass Effect on the PS3, whether downloaded through PSN or within the Mass Effect Trilogy. The PC version of Mass Effect will include Bring Down the Sky and Pinnacle Station, while the Xbox 360 version will be just as it originally was when it launched back in 2007, sans that DLC and sky fully intact.

PS3, Xbox 360 and PC all get Cerberus Network with Mass Effect 2; however, on the PS3, it'll also include Lair of the Shadow Broker, Kasumi and Overlord. Finally, Mass Effect 3 will include Cerberus Network across all platforms, but not the most recent expansion, "Leviathan."

Mass Effect Trilogy will be available next week on the PC and Xbox 360 – November 6 in the US and November 9 in Europe.

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