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Oculus Rift-enabled horror game Montas looks for Indiegogo funding


Indie horror games are all the rage these days, but the PC and Mac game Montas may just have a unique hook, in that its compatible with the upcoming Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Developer Organic Humans is seeking $30,000 in funding on Indiegogo, though the studio makes it clear that the game will be made, and backer rewards given, whether it reaches its goal or not.

Montas tells the story of one Joseph Walker, an accountant wracked by nightmares and driven to alcoholism. Throw in a string of unexplained murders and intrusive police, and things start looking pretty grim for Joseph. The trailer showcases first-person gameplay featuring some attractive environments, though we don't get too many hints at Montas' presumably horrifying elements. Montas also promises a unique persistent death mechanic, in that "death no longer forces the player to retrace progress after failure, instead changes the direction and story of the game."

Another interesting feature: being the only remotely exciting thing related to accounting ever.

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