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Ragnar Tørnquist returning to his roots with Dreamfall Chapters


In September Funcom announced that Joel Bylos was taking over Ragnar Tørnquist's position of game director for The Secret World, leaving many of us wondering what the mastermind behind the renowned The Longest Journey series was getting up to. Well, now we finally know, and fans of TLJ will certainly be pleased to discover that Tørnquist is returning to his roots.

Today, Ragnar announced that his new studio, Red Thread Games, is commencing development of Dreamfall Chapters, which will continue the story that began with The Longest Journey over a decade ago. Rock, Paper, Shotgun has posted a new interview with Tørnquist detailing what lies ahead for the world of Dreamfall and how Ragnar's new gig will affect his work on The Secret World (spoiler alert: He's remaining on the TSW team as Creative Director), so whether you're an avid adventure gamer or a die-hard fan of TSW, it's certainly worth a read. For all the juicy details, just click on through the link below to get to the full interview.

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