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The Ship: Full Steam Ahead is a steampunk murder game on Kickstarter

Jordan Mallory

We're still not entirely sure that we get steampunk as a whole, but generally speaking the Joystiq staff is completely in favor of fancy dresses and revisionist historical storytelling. The Ship: Full Steam Ahead looks to have plenty of both, or at least it will, provided its Kickstarter fundraiser is a success.

Currently in a pre-pre-production conceptual phase at Blazing Griffin in Scotland, Full Steam Ahead is actually a sequel to The Ship, a non-steampunk multiplayer murder mystery PC game. Like its predecessor, Full Steam Ahead will be available on PC and will task players with finding and killing other players before said other players kill them – only this time, steampunk.

The fundraiser, which has another 58 days to go as of press time, hopes to raise £128,000, which shakes out to about $206,732. Pledge levels ranging from £4 to £4,096 grant everything from heartfelt thanks, to a full three-night VIP getaway to the Full Steam Ahead launch party in Edinburgh.

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