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Icarus Online's new website and teaser videos show off classes

MJ Guthrie

Itching to dive-bomb a rival guild's castle from dragon-back? It will be possible in the upcoming fantasy game Icarus Online. And WeMade Entertainment just launched a new website filled with teaser trailers and screenshots to show off the new title and its five playable races: Beserker; Guardian; Priest; Assassin; and Wizard.

Icarus Online will also have a political system that allows for guilds to become their own factions as well as own land and castles. Players can capture mobs out in the wilds and train them as fighting companions as well as mounts, then take those pets into battle against their foes during siege warfare.

Get a glimpse of what's to come in the teaser trailer after the break, then head to for a look at the gameplay of each of the classes.

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