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Roleplay 101: Refine your RP with Pox


Back in 2011, WoW Insider's Michael Gray featured two roleplay workshops with long-standing Horde roleplay guild Pox on Shadow Council (US-H). Pox leader Shryn'Dael organized several workshops, introducing roleplay novices to the fine art of WoW roleplay.

Pox has existed since back in 2007 on Shadow Council, and been a bastion of RP knowledge since they first began running their roleplaying workshops. The last series was fantastically well-attended, aimed as it was at the newer roleplayer, the shyer roleplayer, and the curious, and dealing with topics such as emoting, character backstory, popular role-playing addons, and IC/OOC conflict. As a novice roleplayer, these sound fantastically useful for avoiding roleplay gaffes!

The first workshop of this series deals with emoting. Emoting goes far beyond /smile, /flirt and /bashful, and Pox will walk roleplayers through how it's done, as well as pitfalls to avoid. This workshop will be held on Monday, November 5 at 7 p.m. MST (GMT-7), at the Bonfire in Thunder Bluff, Shadow Council (US-H). If you don't have a character on Shadow Council, you are encouraged to make one, and Pox even offer to arrange pick-ups if they are contacted before the event.

If you're a roleplaying novice, wanting to learn more, or a practiced roleplayer looking to refine your skill, these workshops are a great place to start. Head over there this Monday, 6pm PST, 7 pm MST or 9pm EST.

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