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World of Tanks Veteran's Day tournaments will support veterans charities

MJ Guthrie

Recently, we learned of's support of historic preservation; now the maker of World of Tanks is offering a special e-sport event to support veterans in honor of Veteran's Day/Remembrance Day. In November, WoT will host Veteran's Challenge, a series of three separate tournaments -- one each for tiers four, six, and eight. Winners of the top two tiers will receive cash prizes. How much? That depends on all of the game's players! The cash prize will start at $30,000 and increase for each player over 30,000 that logs in.

But folks logging into the game will do more than just fill the coffers of a few tournament winners, they will also directly influence the amount donated to five different veteran-focused charitable organizations. will take the number of concurrent users at its peak and convert it to a cash donation, splitting the amount between the organizations.

One note: All tournaments will be run concurrently, so teams can only sign up for one of the three. For full details or to sign up, visit the official Veteran's Challenge announcement.

[Thanks to RMS_Gigantic for the tip!]

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